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KonOpas is a mobile-friendly guide for conventions, with all sorts of spiffy features. It’s free, open-source software distributed under the terms of the ISC license.

The latest release is 0.8.0, which adds second-level items to the “Programme” and “People” menus, as well as hiding past events by default when viewed during the event. Other relatively recent features have included access to a central server that allows sync’ing data between different browsers and devices, full internationalization support, and automatic filter generators. (full changelog)

The project is hosted at GitHub, and you might also be interested in the project mailing list, which you’re welcome to join.

We’re hosting here the specification for the program.js and people.js data schemes, and a guide to configuring KonOpas. A cutting-edge and occasionally-broken development instance of KonOpas is available at dev.konopas.org.

KonOpas has been used so far by at least the following events, as well as others: